high voltage measurements in the kilo volt region

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Probe for measuring high voltages

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Mätsond för höga spänningar i kilovolt området

High Voltage Probes

There is often a need to measure higher voltages than the standard measuring device, usually a multimeter, can measure. When measuring voltages in the kilovolt region, standard instruments can not be used because the components can not handle such high voltages and in addition, the isolation distances are too small.

Swedish Electrostatics provides two different types of probes for measuring high voltages to be able to satisfy two different needs:

  • For measurement of high voltage in jonisation devices other high voltage devices a high voltage probe HVP40 is available wich is connected to an ordinary multimeter.
  • For measurements of high voltage where the available amount of current is very small, a measurement equipment that consumes minimal power is used. This is usually the case when high voltage is generated by static electricity. For this purpose the high voltage probe JCI148 is available.
Measuring high voltage in ionisation equipments
Electrostatic voltmeter

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