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Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Project model with pre-study, action plan, system integration and support


Measuring and service assignment in static electricty


We have a solution-oriented approach when we run projects in close collaboration with client's personnel. An important aspect is that the parties involved have a solution-oriented and pragmatic approach to the project, so it can be delivered on time and within defined budget limits.

Although production disturbances and general troubleshooting often turn out to be related to electrostatic phenomena, that often should be considered as indicators of other underlying factors that have an indirect impact on the production outcome in a positive or negative way.

Some examples of factors that are often overlooked, because they are regarded as non-critical:

  • the surrounding process air temperature (18-35 degrees)
  • the relative humidity is (15-85%)varies with season
  • dust and particles that stick to the product and production equipment
  • halogens and various gases in low concentrations impairs the process
  • variations in line voltage that can wipe out vital equipment
  • etc
Installed antistatic equipment


The pre-study aims to assess the conditions of creating an improved production economy and product quality.

  • Detailed situation analysis
  • Identification of objectives and specifications
  • Solution Specification with detailed product configuration and customer specific requirements are documented, including detailed production strategy to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Concept solutions & tests with the customer's specific material samples, performed by us or at the customer's premises.
  • Possible testing of materials made by third-party evaluator
  • Project planning of the system integration phase includes detailed resource, communication and time schedule.

System Integration

Beyond our standard program of self-produced equipment, we can customize and integrate specific solutions that is compatible with the customer's production system.

  • System test, SAT och FAT
  • Validation och qualification

       - design qualification, DQ
       - installation qualification, IQ
       - operational qualification, OQ
       - performance qualification, PQ

  • Training of personnel

Action Plan

With the help of the pre-study, activities and boundaries that being involved in the project framework can be initiated:

  • Assignment description
  • Requirement specification
  • Project, information, and communication plan
  • Directives, regulations & laws
  • Situational analysis
  • Activity list
  • Budget
  • Risk analysis
  • Organizational analysis

Support / Service

After installation och commissioning of equipment, Swedish Electrostatics can offer a support program to maintain the performance of delivered equipment and other support functions to a fixed price, including:

  • Service Agreement
  • Spare parts and replacement services
  • Upgrading of control systems
  • Training and consulting

Service Agreement

In order to maintain optimal conditions of installed equipment, we recommend some form of service agreements that prevent production loss and downtime costs.

We can offer the following types of agreements:

  • "Maintenance" - includes annual review of installed equipment and makes proposals for action
  • "Mapping" - perform structured mapping of temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, particle distribution & characterization with certified instrumentation.
  • "Process Optimization" - information management of databases for process optimization and minimization of rejections.
  • "Product Characterization" - we have a unique knowledge how to characterize your product with respect to surface and volyms resistance, net charge, and charge decay at a fixed cost.

Our goal is to make your process reliable and offer you as customer the best possible service.
Contact us for further information.

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