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Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Antistat equipment and antistatic solutions


Antistat and antistatic equipment

Antistatic Equipment

With antistatic equipment, we mean discharging equipment or equipment for discharging of charged up material surfaces or for preventing unwanted charging to take place.

You can choose to have the equipment made of stainless steel or aluminum.

Swedish Elektrostatics develops and manufactures equipment for active ionizing, which means that our equipment comprisis of a powerunit which powers a suitable type of ionizing equipment.

In the wide range of standard equipment there are numerous types of electrodes for ionizing with or without forced air flows. Single or double row antistatic bars without air is the most common component and is used for fixed installations with a limited active range. With demands for a wider active range, blowing antistatic bars, air blow nozzles or ionizing fans are used according to the requirements.

Power units to run the ionizing equipment is chosen according to the demands for the installation at hand. Basic versions are available for most applications as well as e.g. units with integrated air handling and units which can interact with other equipment such as web cleaners in dust extraction systems.

To make work with installations and applications easier there are different extension boxes, prefabricated cables, air handling equipment and mounting brackets etc. available.

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