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Power Units

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Power units for operating antistatic equipment

Power Units

Most antistatic equipments supplied are powered by AC voltage.The term PUAC indicates that the power unit is intended for AC. The power units are designed to run antistatic equipment manufactured by Swedish Electrostatics but can operate other devices which are suitable for use with 4.8kV AC.
Although the default device PUAC114 is the most commonly used, there is often a need to use and integrate blowing air into the applications. For this purpose, special power units have been produced, with the suffix -IAC.
For some special applications it may be interesting with a DC system, labelled as PUDC, and with integrated ionization equipment. All power units are mounted in a cast aluminum enclosure with protection class IP65.

The power unit PUAC114 has been developed to run antistatic equipment such as antistatic bars ABAC11, ABAC21 and ABACA21 as well as air-blow nozzles BHAC11 and BHAC21, and fans IFAC11 and IFAC21.

PUAC114 is built into an IP65 aluminium casing which gives long life and reliable operation in harsh industrial environments.

The equipment produces 4.8kV AC voltage and 5mA current (max) and has both a built-in thermal fuse and a fuse for short circuit protection. The power unit has an illuminated on-off switch and 4 identical high voltage outputs. The equipment is connected via a shielded high voltage cable to ensure safe and easy handling with no electrostatic field from the installation itself.

Power Unit PUAC114

The power unit PUAC214-AL is a variant of the PUAC114 equipped for monitoring high voltage, which means that the LED light on the lid gives information on the device status.

When the transformer unit is connected to line voltage the LED is shown in red light before the switch is turned on. When the switch is turned on the LED is changed to green as soon as the high voltage has reached the proper level.

At the low supply voltage, overload or short circuit in the connected equipment the LED is displayed with red signal light.




Power Unit PUAC911-IAC
Power Unit PUA122-IAC

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