Vision and mission in static electricity

Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Management of static electricity

Vision and mission - production strategy

       Being the leading manufacturer of systems for handling
        of static electricity in industry

       We deal with static electricity

Since 1994, when the company was established, we have delivered production-enhancing solutions for a variety of business segments. We have found that our solutions for static electricity strongly reduces production disturbances, increased production speed of existing machinery and reduced rejections, which in turn has led to an improved working environment and that our clients have achieved greater economic results.

We have over time identified that so-called. electrostatic problems, are often symptoms of other underlying factors that are indirectly or directly related to static electricity.

Identification and measurement of other parameters that have direct impact on the production as ambient temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter, etc., are in many cases crucial to maintaining a robust production.

Increasing production capacity is not always technical in nature but can also be connected to soft factors such as organization and production strategy, i.e. indirect factors such as personnel, logistics, etc.

Over the years we have obtain a great understanding of organizational issues as well as process flows in production in various activities and environments.

To streamline these activities and knowledge, we have created a section of the company that we have given the name MDM (Multi-Disciplinary Methods) where Lean, 6 Sigma, DOE (Design of Experiments) and multivariate methods are some of our tools.

In MDM, we gather our knowledge to provide increased value for our customers.

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Vision & Mission in static electricity

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