Static el, dust and particle problems

Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Problem Solving of Static Electricity

We delivere complete system solutions - engineering, equipment and service

Problem solving

We offer qualified help with solving problems in static electricity.

In many cases, we probably already have a ready solution to your problem but for new problem issues are we prepared to go into your project and work out a special solution. Together we create a problem description, where we describe the problems that exist in your machine, process, materials, etc. Thereafter we define the criteria to be met in order to be able to consider that the issue is resolved. In general, we continue the work with installation and test drive of the appropriate discharging or charging equipment, but the result could also be that we suggest changes in design or selection of materials.

Swedish Electrostatics has a well established cooperation with manufacturers of critical electronic components. Clear and detailed specifications ensures that the hired subcontractors meet requirement of proper delivery.

Swedish Electrostatics interacts with well-established installation companies and is responsible for on-site installation. All critical steps are documented for traceability. To minimize disturbance at the installation site, the equipment can be mounted locally and then be easily deployed on-site.

Validation and Documentation
Design, installation and operation qualifications (DQ / IQ / OQ) are performed according to the customer's system. Complete documentation for all equipment, including manuals, maintenance, spare parts lists and quality certificates are an essential part of every delivery.

Remove dust and particles with 99% efficiency with our cyclone installation

We also run advice in rebuilding and new construction of premises/ production faclities which requires that delivered installations do not generate static charges that can affect the productivity and the working environment adversely, i.e. we can at an early stage undertake the role of client representative and as peer reviewer that the delivered equipment / project meets expected requirements.

The customer's key personnel may when needed training to manage delivered equipment and take care of its maintenance. Training and handling of equipment is supplied by representatives of Swedish Electrostatics. Read more about our courses in static electricity and our instruments in educational purposes.

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