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Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Antistatic Kit for discharging

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Test equipment for examing sources of antistatic problems

Antistatic Test Equipment

The test equipment is an excellent starter kit for you to investigate antistatic problems and for training purposes.

Test equipment includes: 1 high voltage generator
Test equipment includes: 1 single row antistatic bar ABBAC11-0200
Test equipment includes: 1 air blowing antistatic bar ABAC21-0200
Test equipment includes: 1 air blowing nozzle, small BHAC11
Test equipment includes: 1 air blowing nozzle, large BHAC21
Test equipment includes: 1 ionizing fan IFAC21-0200
Test equipment includes: 2 high voltage cables IHVC11-01000

For quantitative evaluation of the test sets a measuring instrument for measuring electrostatic fields is recommended, eg our electrostatic field meter
JCI140 for evaluating the accuracy of installations.

Test equipment - antistat

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