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Electrostatic field measurement

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Quantitative electrostatic field measurement

Electrostatic Field Meter

Basically, there are various types of field meters as indicative and quantitative. The indicative meter is generally simpler in construction and indicates whether the electrostatic field is large or small with the help of some kind of LED display, which in itself is a challenge for interpretation. In practice, one can only determine if the electrostatic field is large or small, which makes it difficult to compare different measurements with each other. The advantage of quantitative field meter is the ability to categorize, compare, identify, and store different measurements for various process and product conditions, which in turn facilitates documentation of troubleshooting, process optimization and so on for future use.

Some field meters cannot be used near ionizing equipment, due to discharging of the field meter which results in incorrect readings.

for measuring static electricity it is important that adequate measurement equipment is used to ensure if the problem is related to static electricity or not, e.g. for continuous monitoring of critical processes, troubleshooting of a production line, etc.

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The field meter 282A-1 Digital Stat-Arc from Monroe Electronics is an handheld and userfriendly instrument for non-contact static meter.


  • Pulsing-beam range finder for always obtaining

     the correct reading

  • Measurement range 0-20kV
  • High accuracy in ionized environment
  • HOLD/OFF buton to capture transient readings
  • Battery, 9V, 40 hours normal use, with alakaline battery
  • Exclusive auto-zero curcuit
  • Available charged-plate adaptor (282CPS)

For further information about the instrument, see Monroe Electronics

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The field meter JCI140 from JCI Chilworth is a compact handheld instrument for measurement of static electricity. The instrument measures non-contact down to a few volts at 100 mm distance.


  • Replaceable PP3 battery via 8 w mini DIN from external

     floating 12 V supply

  • Two measurement ranges: 2 kV and 20 kV at 100 mm distance
  • Zero stability: ±10 volt on 2kV range
  • Fast response (3 dB at 400Hz) to enable rapidly changing events

     to be examined and observations made on 50/60 Hz fields.

  • Easy to use, 3½ digit LCD-display indicates surface voltage to an accuracy of 1 V.
  • Analogue output signals are provided for separate display and recording of observations using direct logging with software JCILOG, or a multimeter, oscilloscope, etc

For further information about the instrument, see JCI Chilworth

282A-1 elektrostatisk fältmätare
JCI140 elektrostatisk fältmätare

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Elektrostatic field measurement

Field Meter
257D from Monroe Electronics is a portable
and userfriendly instrument for non-contact static measurement.
Application areas are numerous to name a few:

  • Monitoring of charging on the conveyor belt, for example: lamination, production and printing.
  • Investigation of static sources in offices, production and transportation lines.
  • Prevent discharge patterns on photosensitive films / surfaces.
  • Disturbance free measuring in ionised environment.


  • Battery or AC powered
  • Two measuring ranges +/ - 200 kV/m and +/ - 2000 kV/m
  • Printer output for static product and routine control.
  • Remote control up to 300 meters
  • 8-hour rechargeable battery
  • I/O-funktion for monitoring data
  • etc

For further information about the instrument see Monroe Electronics

Field meter Monroe Electronics 257D

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