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Surface and Volyme Resistance

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Qantitive measurement of surface and volume resistance

Surface and volume resistance is measured
according to current standards. A number of portable
instruments are available and can be equipped with
standardized probes adapted to current norms/directives.

Model 272A admit rapid, accurate, and repetable non-contact
static measurements of surfaces, 8 x 10E3 to 2 x 10E13 ohm
or 8 x 10E4 to 10E14 ohm.

Model 272A includes a concentric ring probe and sample support
in accordance with ASTM D-257, ANSI / ESD STM11.11
and ANSI / ESD STM11.2 for measuring of surface and volym resistance.
In addition an adapter for measurement of the earth (ground) .

Instrument Monroe Electronics 272A is userfriendly and
well suited for:

  • Static product and routine check
  • Measurements of resistivity and restistance
  • Controlled 10V och 100 V test voltages
  • Portable and robust design suitable for harsch

production environments

  • Built-in > 8-hour rechargeable batteries
  • I/O-function for monitoring data
  • Simple calibration
  • etc

For further information about the isntrument, see link Monroe Electronics

We are general agents for Monroe Electronics
in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Monroe Electronics 272A for surface and volume resitance measurements

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