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Articles in static electricity

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Articles in static electricity

Articles on static electricity

Static electricity is an often overlooked factor in the industry. Despite the fact that we all are able to relate to the phenomenon through own experiences in the form of eg the shock we get when we get out of the car, taking a handle after walking over the hotel carpet or the crackle from a synthetic shirt that is pulled over his head. Do you remember the lesson in physics when the teacher rubbed a cat skin against an ebonit shaft or charging items or perhaps himself with a van de Graff generator? Well then you have "seen" the problem demonstrated.
In any business that processes or handles at least one component which is an insulator, there may be reason to bring up static electricity on the agenda. Insulators that we all come into contact with on a daily basis is eg paper, plastic, cardboard, textiles, glass, rubber, etc..

If you want to know more how static electricity can be used to enhance the productivity of a process? If so, the following articles written by Reinhold Rutks is recommended:

Industrial Engineering

Rapid Manufacturing in Practice: using RM at the Early Development and Design Stages of Production, TCT 2008 Rapid Manufacturing Conference, Gaydon, UK,

Design of Experiments - DOE. An application to static electrcity and ionizing instrumentation, Mälardalen University Sweden, June 2011, Västerås, , 1.15 MB.

What Swedish Electrostatics can offer you - a short description

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Static electricity - friend or foe?
Static solutions for today's needs
In line Cleaning of Products and Components for the Medical Industry
Static electricity and dust problem
Static Electricity - could there be any money in it?
How to define and verify the electrostatic properties of plastic components in the medical industry

Static electricity-friend or foe?
Nordisk Emballage Marknad 98 ISBN 9187474

Static solutions for today`s needs Converter, December 1998, Volume 35, Issue 12

In Line Cleaning of Products and Components for the Medical Industry, Collected papers of the 14 Annual International Conference 11th-12th May 2004, Copenhagen, Danmark

Static electricity and dust problem, Nordisk Emballage Marknad 99ISBN 91 87474719

Static electricity -could there be any money in it?, Nordisk Emballage Marknad 2000 ISBN 91 87474

How to Define and Verify the electrostatics Properties of Plastic Components in the Medical Industry. Collected pappers of the 17th Annual International Conference and Seminar 27th-30th October 2003, Copenhagen, Danmark

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