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Measuring Services


Measuring and service assignment in ststic electricity

Measuring Services

Measurements of electrostatic fields or electrostatic properties are often crucial in order to be able to control a process or be able to meet a material specification.

We can assist you with measurements of many different needs, feasibility studies, pre-strudies, troubleshooting, test runs and commissiong, etc. We can take measurements at your worksite, your production or your equipment or make measurements of your materials sent to us.

Some typical services you can get from the Swedish Electrostatics:

  • General review of your facility with the measurement of static electricity and the establishment of simple measurement protocol - intended as an initial inventory.
  • Increase the number of control and process parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity, particles etc) for process and product optimization.
  • Control measurement of function of existing installations and check the status of existing equipment for discharging or charging.
  • In addition, we can collect measurement data points from a critical unit operation for certain period of time, per hour, shift, or days and presenting data numerically and graphically.

You may want to measure yourself, but get help to implement appropriate routines?
Please contact us to find out more.

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Chemical industry - electrostatic problems

The concept of process optimization often leads to the idea of greater or more rapid production, but it is usually more complex, with many unknown input factors. Quality and yield is often dependent on understanding of proper handling of static electricity. A photograph of an undesirable particle taken in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with subsequent material analysis can identify the correct action.

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