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Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Development & manufacturing of electrostatic equipment for industry

Vi develop special solutions for our clients


Swedish Electrostatic develops and manufactures equipment for handling static electricity.

This means that new products are developed to meet the changing needs of our customers and that existing products is continuously improved and developed. We also take active part in our client’s projects where our expertise is required for success. Our customers can order development of custom components and applications or hire us as consultants to develop material specifications or to choose the most appropriate design with respect to static electricity. A custom-made product is often less expensive when all costs are considered. In addition, the improved functionality will be more reliable and profitable.

Prototype - label stack for IML

Outline of In Mould Labelling

In Mould Labelling (IML) is a technique that uses static electricity to recharge the label of the tool in an injection molding machine for plastics. Printing of the current decor is performed in a printing press with rational methods. The product that comes out of the syringe has been pre-decorated with high quality and precision. We custom electrodes for discharging the label stack and charging electrodes for recharging the tool, and provide quality assurance the electrostatic properties of the label.

In Mould Labelling, IML equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry the concept of "Japanese quality" is as famous as feared. In a filling line for glass vials were produced products that could met all sterile conditions and planned production capacity, but residues from rubber stoppers and small glass residues from the production went with the final packaging. The problem was solved by mounting a specially designed cleaning station at the end of the production line.

Picture of particle with a scanning electron microscope
Electrostatic brush cleaning machine
Industrial painting of wood details

In industrial painting of windows at a paint shop extensive manual touch-up work with subsequent repainting was required. By constructing a special cleaning station, the quality as well as the yield could be increased.

There are many who are familiar with our work and our products for cleaning products and for removing unwanted particles from various types of material surfaces under controlled conditions.

Among other things, we have assisted customers with the covering of a wet conveyor with an evenly distributed layer of aluminum oxide equivalent to 2 grams per square meter.

A cable manufacturer needed a secure method for covering confluent wires in the cable manufacture of a dry powder which acts as a moisture barrier.

In a recent development project, Swedish Electrostatics, developed and designed a coating equipment in order to control the wire drawing process. By controlling the electrostatic properties, a charging equipment, specifically designed for the application could be manufactured.

Wire drawing

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