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Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Air Blowing Nozzels

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Ionizing or air blow nozzles for dischraging, and transport of particles

Air Blow Nozzles

Ionizing nozzles or air blow nozzles are compact electrodes for blowing with ionized air.

The nozzles give a well defined air flow with ionized and allows for a compact installation and easy installation. As an alternativ to air blowing nozzles there is also blowing antistatic bars and ionizing fans depedning on the application. In many applications it might be practical to use ionizing guns as alternative.

The blowing nozzle BHAC11 is developed for blowing ionized air.
Typical applications are discharging and cleaning in electronics, optic and pharmaceutical industry where cleanliness is important. BHAC11 is used also for separating sheets in feeding/picking, discharging in filling and packaging, in laquering plants etc.

BHAC11 is made with an outer aluminium shell which together with the shielded high voltage cable gives safe and easy handling, with no electrostatic fields from the installation itself.
Dry and clean air of 0.5 - 1 bar pressure should be supplied via a quick release coupling for 6mm pneumatic hose.
Separate high ohmic resistors connect each individual pin to the high voltage lead in the nozzle, providing high reliability and safe operation in harsh industrial environments. The nozzles are connected to a power unit in the
PUAC series by an interchangeable shielded high voltage cable ensuring installation is safe, uncomplicated and flexible.

An ionizing gun for manual cleaning is available as are a variety of accessories such as foot or solenoid valves, regulators etc.

Cleaning with ionized air for discharging of electronics, optics, and medical device

The blowing nozzle BHAC21 is developed for blowing ionized air and is a complementary nozzle to the larger blowing nozzle BHAC11. BHAC21 is used e.g for discharging in filling and packaging applications, for separating sheets, lables or other small items when feeding/picking etc. Other typical applications for the nozzle is discharging and blow-cleaning in electronics, optics and medical applications where dust and hygiene problems need solving.

Dry and clean air of about 0.5 - 1 bar is supplied via a quick release coupling for 4 mm pneumatic tubing. The shielded high voltage cable is cast into the nozzle due to the compact measurements and cable lengths must be specified when ordering.
BHAC21 is made of an outer shell of POM and the internal connections are made and the nozzle cast with an epoxy resin. The centre pin and an inner shield is connected to earth via the shielded high voltage cable in order to minimize the electrostatic field in the installation.

Separate high ohmic resistors connect each idividual pin to the high voltage lead providing high reliability and safe operation in industrial environments. A mounting bracket
BHAC21-MB is available which makes it possible to make a safe installation in the desired angle towards the target.

An ionizing gun version BHAC21-G for manual blow cleaning is available as well as a nozzle integrated in vacuum cleaning nozzles.

For discharging labels, separation of sheets, packaging, etc

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