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Extension Boxes

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Extension box or junction box for several antistatic units

Extension Boxes

In certain installations it may be appropriate to use the advantages of extension boxes. In applications with many short antistatic bars or small nozzles, when the central unit high voltage outputs are not sufficient, it may be advisable to use an extension box such as PUACEB14.

When installing on machines with facilities in both input and output it may be appropriate to use a extension box of the end of the machine and place the central processing unit at the other end, in which you can escape to draw as much high voltage cable between the equipments.

Extension box PUACEB14 is used in conjunction with central processing units in series PUAC for antistatic devices powered by alternating current.
PUACEB14 which is built into an IP65 aluminum casing which gives long life and reliable operation in harsh industrial invironments.
The equipment is connected via a shielded high voltage cable to ensure safe and easy handling with no electrostatic field from the installation itself.
PUAC114 produces 4.8kV AC voltage and 5mA current and has both a built-in thermal fuse and fuse for short circuit protection. The power unit has an illuminated on-off swith an 4 identical high voltage outputs with cable glands for safe connection of high voltage cable HVC11. PUACEB14 is particularly well suited when a larger number of short antistatic bars or small nozzles are to be fitted.

Extension box or junction unit

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