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Brackets & Fasteners

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Brackets and fasteners to our antistatic equipment

Brackets & Fasteners

To facilitate the assembly of antistatic equipment from Swedish Electrostatics we offer a number of different types of brackets and fasteners. In collaboration with our customers, we identify constantly our clients changing needs why this page will be expanded over time.

Among brackets should include the standard bracket MBM11 which can handle most mounting with antistatic bars, but can be also serve as attachment for nozzles and other equipments.
Special holders as MBRABHAC21 and MBMIFAC are designed for individual products.
A growing number of brackets are produced as custom-made to make installation fast and easy for a specific machine model, such as barcket MBMXC1.
MAMD30 is an example of a fastener designed to be affixed to a rod and then to be combined with other fasteners such as eg MBM11.

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Mounting kit MBMXC1 is a bracket which is used when mounting two antistatic bars ABAC11 opposite each other at the input or output of sheets or lines.
The design of the mounting kit, enables a proper spacing between the rods and the additional mounting hole used to attach directly to the machine frame / housing, or with any of the other fasteners such as MBM11.
MBMCX1 is delivered in pairs with screws and washers for mounting to ABAC11 and additional tapping screws for mounting to the machine casing.

Mounting kit

Bracket for BHAC21

Bracket kit MBM11 is designed to be easily able to mount antistatic bars ABAC11, ABAC21 and ABACA21.
MBM11 consists of two angle brackets of stainless steel with long tracks for flexible adaptation and bolts and distances for assembly. Note that the longer screws can not be used in the bars.
The angle bracket may also be combined with other brackets as eg MCA21, MAMD30.

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Bracket kit
Bracket for point charger

MBMIFAC is a fastener for fans IFAC11-400 and IFAC21-0400. The fastener of the bracket is attached to the gable fan with the fan supplied bolts and the shackle is in turn fitted with a bolt in a rotating fastener which is affixed to a pole. The bar can be mounted on machine, wall or similar, or can be mounted on a stand-alone floor stand.
Fastening parts are made of steel and powder coated in black.

Fasteners to ionising fans

Mounting clamp MAMD30 is a bracket for mounting the equipments on round bars with a diameter of 30mm. In a variety of machines are round bars of various diameters that can be used for after-installation of antistatic devices or recharging equipment. The bracket is divided into two parts and can be easily mounted on poles, without having them to be dismantled.
In this series of clamps there are other commonly used diameters of 15, 20 and 25 mm.
MAMD30 is preferably combined with bracket kit MBM11 for mounting such as antistatic bars or blowing nozzles.

Mounting clamps to round bars

The clamp attachment MCA21 has been provided primarily for mounting of longer antistatic bars ABAC21 and ABACA21. Although selfsupporting the longer of these bars may need one or two extra fastening pionts. This is especially important when installing in machines with heavy vibrations where bars may reach self-oscillation or when there is a risk that webs or other products get trapped etc.
When the ordinary holes cannot be used for the mounting of shorter bars a solution may be to use one or two
clamp attachment MCA21 can often be combined with other available components such as the mounting bracket MBM11.
Please note that the design of
MCA21 has been made to assure that the function of the ionization is maintained at its optimum and at the same time the attachment is gentle to the bars. All drilling or machining of the bars to make extra fastenings is absolutely prohibited.

Clamp attachment

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