Antistat and static electricity


Antistatic, static electricity, dust and particle problems

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Static elektricity, dust and particles

Swedish Electrostatics AB is specialized in problem solving and system solutions in static electricity

We offer products and services that help customers to increase quality and capacity resulting in increased profitability and in many cases, safer and more pleasant working environment for operators and other production personnel. A wide range of products with equipment for dischagring and charging with static electricity, enabling a rapid response by the customer. Swedish Electrostatics uses specialized tools to evaluate and describe problems and quality assurance by measuring the electrostatic properties of materials or antistatic problems.

For more information about static electricity.

Remove unwanted dust and particles at manufacturing light-gauge sheet
Management of dust and particles during the unloading of cereals
Electrostatic challenges in Life Sciense - pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and food

Static electricity often occurs as a hidden disturbance in production processes, with seemingly inexplicable random errors and disturbances. The hidden static problems are usually due to machines and processes are running at reduced speed and / or the presence of dust and unwanted particles may interfere with the process.

Static electriciy can improve the surface finish of lacquering
Polymers tend to be electrostatically charged

Our clients consist of companies that process or handle at least one component which is an insulator. This means that we have customers in most industries, from steel mills to bakeries. Even the companies that seemingly ought to escape static problems usually handle non-conducting packing materials, or have dust or health problems with unwanted particles that are electrically charged.

Antistatic measures are necessary in the petroleum industry
Remove fines, dust, and particles with active electrostatic means
The product quality can be controlled by means of charge decay analyser
Remove unwanted particles in bearing house and lubricating parts

We tailor the needs of application solutions of equipment problems that can not be solved with standard equipment.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a constructive discussion about your process or production problems. Problem description should be illustrated with photographs, drawings or sketches so that we quickly can gain insight into the issue and provide a basis for appropriate action.

Remove chips, particles, dirt during casting process
Polymer and plastic that can be contaminated by particles

Please contact us so we can share with you how we can help you


CEO, Reinhold Rutks

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